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Calling all dogs!

The RAWbellion is a dog food revolution designed to help your beloved canine companion thrive.

As your most trusted friends, dogs may not be your whole life but they certainly make your life whole.

Nothing beats knowing you’re putting their well-being first. That starts with feeding them the natural diet they are biologically designed to eat.

At ProDog Raw, we’re a team of guys and girls with a lot of love for our four-legged friends. They give us so much, we wanted to find a way to make sure our dogs could stay by our sides for the longest time possible, whilst feeling the healthiest and happiest they possibly can.

We became tired of our beloved pups getting sold short by the commercial dog food industry, where profits come before performance, business comes before benefit and hype comes before health. We knew drastic action was needed.

Our mission was simple and our intention was bold – To enable as many people as possible to feed their dogs a safe, balanced, biologically appropriate and species specific, natural diet. The one nature intended.

Join the RAWbellion

Calling all dogs

Enter the RAWbellion

By joining the RAWbellion you’re ensuring your faithful friend’s health and happiness is top priority.

Say goodbye to that nagging feeling that the food in the bowl isn’t nutritious, worrying that you’re not doing the best for your beloved companion or deciphering unpronounceable ingredients on food packet labels.

Being part of the RAWbellion means you’re a doggie well-being rock star. You’re being bold, challenging the status-quo and making a stand against the accepted “norms” of the commercial dog food world. You can rest in the knowledge you’re giving your dog the optimum fuel they need each and every day.

Your dog is totally dependent on you to give them the nutrients they need. What goes into their belly totally impacts their health, their happiness and everything in-between. Your most faithful companion needs YOU to fight their corner, so they can become the dynamic dog they’re truly designed and deserve to be.

Join the RAWbellion

What does it take

to be RAWbellious?

In 5 easy steps you’ll be a fully-fledged doggie well-being rock star. All it takes is a few small changes and you’ll make a HUGE difference to your life and your wonderful doggos. We guarantee you’ll get lots of love, cuddles and drooling as thanks (from your dog of course, not us

In short, commercial dog food is far from doggie well-being centred. It’s high in toxins and low in the essential vitamins, minerals and nutritional value a dog needs to thrive. It’s highly processed which means most essential nutrients are depleted in the manufacturing process. Dogs are resilient like humans and will survive if not fed appropriately, however they won’t thrive. Their health and vitality undoubtedly suffers without the right biological balance.


Get a fresh PAWspective on the best way to fuel your woofer and commit to drastically to improving your dog’s diet. Commitment made? Then ‘High-four’ your pooch’s paw to celebrate!

Sign up to Join the RAWbellion (find out how below). Watch as their whicker whackers wag while they wait for the doglivery man to bring their raw food.

Bin the old food, all imPAWsters must go. Then choose which doglicious recipe you want to thaw first.

Be curious. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions, we have a team of dogtastic experts on hand. Then simply sit back and watch your dog go from surviving to thriving.

Reach one, teach one! Help us spread the gospel of raw. Knock on your neighbour’s dog flap and bark through it that “Raw rocks!” Howl your family, howl your friends and definitely howl every doggo in the park and their hoomans. Sing from the roof tops like the doggie well-being rock star you are.


And a bonus step for luck, only if you want to of course! Send us a pic of your proud ProDog pupper or post on your Instagram with hashtag #RAWbellion

Join the RAWbellion

Why ProDog Raw?

So you’ve made the decision to go raw - Why choose ProDog?

We make raw feeding simple, cost effective and convenient for you. You’ll be resting easy in the knowledge, you’re bolstering your dog’s physiological and emotional health daily because of our relentless passion for optimum doggie nutrition. We produce only premium, all-natural raw food recipes. Without question all our products are totally free from fillers, additives and preservatives. Painstakingly crafted and specifically formulated to give your dog absolutely everything they need to flourish and live life to the full.

Delivered to your door, all you need to do is defrost and serve! Then sit back and experience the epic results our superior grade RAWsome food delivers.

ProDog offers an extensive menu, selecting only the finest, fresh, ethically sourced, British ingredients from DEFRA approved local farms. In addition to this, you can be assured that all of our raw dog food is lovingly handmade by us, and only us in East Yorkshire!

reasons to choose ProDog
Complete, Pure & Puppy

Complete, Pure & Puppy

Our comprehensive range consists of 3 menu plans all expertly developed to provide the nutritional fortitude that your dog requires. With our Complete Formula, Pure Recipes and our Puppy Meals, at ProDog Raw, every dog is catered for, regardless of age, size or breed! You can order pre-packed bundles at the click of a button, or mix and match your own personal selection from across the range to suit your needs and budget.

Complete, Pure & Puppy

ProDog Nutrition

As well as being staunch advocates of raw, we have also extended our product range to encompass a cutting-edge selection of organic, nutritional dietary supplements designed to harness the power of nature and bolster your dog with a super boost! Formulated by experts, this range is perfect for those dogs who need extra support due to the demands of performance, or for accelerated recovery, condition, strength, stamina and power.

ProDog Nutrition

ProDog Nutrition
ProDog Treats

ProDog Treats

Need training treats, special rewards or just something to keep them busy and enrich their day? ProDog Raw has it covered. Boasting a huge array of dehydrated, natural doggie delights of all sizes and shapes, these mess-free, convenient options are perfect for keeping in your pocket while out on walks, nailing training sessions, or just in the cupboard for those rainy days. Being gently air dried, so as close to raw as we can get, they are an easy, practical and delicious way to keep your dog in optimum health!

ProDog Treats

Ready to Raw?

I want in, how do I join and what do I get?

To join the RAWbellion there are just 2 simple steps

Order Online

Create an account – give us a few details about you and your woofer and you are good to go.

Order Online

Place your order and get ready for your doglicious, tail wagging selection to arrive

Boom! That’s it – simple!
You’re in enrolled into the RAWbellion in 2 simple steps

RAWBellion benefits

By joining the RAWbellion you’re doing so much more than simply buying a different dog food brand. You’re joining a movement, a community of like-minded, big hearted canine well-being champions, with a mission to enhance the lives of our wonderful doggos.

As a member here’s what you’ll get:

RAWbellion logo
ProDog ReRAWds

ProDog ReRAWds

ProDog reRAWds is our brand new points based scheme that awards points, or as we like to call them “DOGGIOS”, every time you: make a purchase, engage with us on social media, refer another hooman and more.

Your DOGGIOS can then be used towards future food purchases, you’ll get invited to special events, competitions, unique offers and we’ll even send your pooch a present on their birthday.

ProDog ReRAWds Doggios
ProDog Woofur a Friend

ProDog Woofurrals

This is just another way that you can help RAWvolutionise the world and comes with some reBARKable benefits.

We want you to spread the word, to tell all your dog owning friends about the wonderful rewards and benefits of being a ProDog customer. Sing from the WOOFtops and make all the ears in the neighbourhood prick up.

If your friend joins the RAWbellion and places an order with ProDog Raw, you’ll get extra bonus reRAWds points worth £25 to spend on anything from our website. That’s a tail-wagging £25 for every successful woofurral. WHAT A RESULT! What are you waiting for - get online, post a pic on your Instagram with the hash tag #RAWbellion, message your friends, shout it out in the park and get woofurring!

Specialist Advice

You’ll get exclusive access to ProDog partners. The industry’s top nutritionists, trainers and dog boffins who are on hand to answer your questions and share their pearls of wisdom. If you have a specific issue, we’ll find the answer for you from a trusted source. Just think.

Maybe FINALLY you can nail that ‘bark on cue’ party trick we all know you want to show off with…..or maybe just get your dog to come back when you ask!

Guidance Straight

To Your Inbox

As soon as you sign up we’ll send a welcome message straight to your inbox. We’ll provide links to guidance and all you need to know about transitioning your dog to eating the way nature intended. As well as monthly doggie well-being related tips, ProDog news and offers.


Local Charities

The money you spend with us helps us to support the amazing work of dog charities. As part of our mission for nutrition, we are delighted to support local dog charities such as Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary. They do such a fantastic job and help such a lot of doggos we want to continue doing all we can to help. We make regular donations both monetary, hampers of food and treats. By joining us, you HELP these dogs and the selfless team that support them.

Already a

ProDog customer?

Firstly, high five for already being a doggie well-being rock star!

Secondly you’ll gain ProDog points on any purchases from the 16th March 2020.

Simply login to your account and give us a little more information about your four-legged friends to help us personalise your experience with reRAWds and treats for you and your dog.

Join the RAWbellion

And finally

It doesn’t end there. Now that your dog’s nutrition is taken care of, sit back and join our ProDog community. We at ProDog raw are here to guide you, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for news, advice, competitions, training tips, daily pupdates and more.

There’s so much more to learn… your ProDog journey has only just begun…

Join the RAWbellion

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